The first of several documentaries over the new few years. In “How Toxic Are My Clothes?” we see a brief introduction into the use of toxic chemicals in fashion production and its effects on the human body through wearing. This (as well as the website) serves as the first step in a larger goal of making the everyday consumer aware of the typical risks they face with the clothes they wear every day.

In addition, there are many studies which were referenced in the documentary. Please see below for links to them.

Referenced Articles

US Department of Defence on synthetic clothes:

Airlines sued for allergy inducing uniforms:

Formaldehyde restriction proposal to EU:


Textile chemical process:

Microfibers from synthetics affecting oceans and food supply:

Skin absorbption rate:


Synthetic fibers:

Brominated Flame Retardants:

Earliest use of flax fibers and history of textiles:

If there is any links we missed or you think we should know of please let us know